Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kilometers, Miles, Meters, and Yards.

Question:  A person runs 14 miles in the morning and 7.2 kilometers in the afternoon on the same day.  One meter is 39.6 inches.  One mile is 1,760 yard?   How many meters did the person run in the day?  How many kilometers?   How many yards?  How many miles?

Answer:  There are 0.90909 (36/39.6) meters in a yard.  (This ratio is actually a repeating fraction where 0.90 repeat.) 

There are 22,400 (22,400x0.90909) meters in a mile.  This is the same sat 22.4 kilometers since there are 1,000 meters in a kilometer.

The total number of meters ran is 22,400+7,200, which is 29,600 meters or 29.6 kilometers.  

There are 1.1 yards in a meter.  (Note that 39.6/36 and 1,760/1,600 are both equal to 1.1)

This means the person ran 32,560 (1.1x29,600) yards in the day.

This is the same as 18.5  (32,560/1760) miles.

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