Monday, December 16, 2013

Links to density, mass, and volume problems.

Some math problems on weight, volume, and density.

This post provides links to my problems on density, volume, and mass.   This should be useful for students of science and math — in class room or at home.

ENJOY !!!!!!!!!

What is the weight of water in a full 10-gallon aquarium?

A swimming pool full of water is 25 meters long, 25 meters wide and 7 meters deep.   How much does the water in the pool weigh?

Copper costs around $3.3 per pound.   The density of copper is 8.94 (g/cm3).  What is the value of a cube of copper where each side of the cube is 15 cm? 

 Tin costs around $9.50 per pound.  The density of tin is 7.287 (g/cm3).   What is the size of a tin sphere with the same value as the copper cube?

A person has a box of platinum.   The base of the box is 1 meter long and ½ meter wide.   The height of the box is 2 meters.  The density of platinum is 21.3 g/cm3.   The price of platinum is $1,500 per ounce.  How much is the box worth?

What is the density of earth given its radius 6371 kilometers and its mass 5.972 x 1012 kilograms?

The mass of Jupiter is 317.8 times the mass of the Earth.  The radius of Jupiter is 69,911 kilometers.  The radius of the earth is 6,371 kilometers.  What is the ratio of the density of Jupiter to the density of Earth?

How big is a container that contains a block of gold weighing one ton?  How tall is the container if the base of the container is a square one meter by one meter?

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