Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kefir yogurt versus Slim Fast

Question:   Below is information on serving size, calories, calories from fat and amount of sugar in grams for one serving of Kefir Yogurt and one serving of Slim Fast cappuccino delight.

Kefir Yogurt
Slim Fast
Serving Size
1 cup
295  ml
Calories From Fat
Sugar (grams)

How much Kefir in cups and in milliliters would result in a person obtaining the same number of calories as a person who had one serving of slim fast?

How many calories from fat would a person who drank this amount of Kefir consume?

How many grams of sugar would a person who drank this amount of Kefir consume?

Answer:    One serving of Slim Fast has 190 calories compared to 140 calories in one serving of Kefir.   Therefore, a person must drink (190/140) x 1 cup of Kefir to obtain 190 calories.  Hence, a person must have 1.36 cups of Kefir to consume 190 calories.

There are 236.6 milliliters in one cup.   Hence, 1.36 cups is the same as (1.36 x 236.6) 321.1 milliliters?

Calories from fat in the 1.36 cups or 1.36 servings are 1.36*20=27.2, which is a lot lower than the 50 calories from 50 in a bottle of Slim Fast.

Similarly the number of grams in sugar from one serving of Kefir is 1.36x20 or 27.2, which is higher than the 18 grams of sugar in on serving of Slim Fast.

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