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Coke Can Math #4 Gold Cans

Gold Coke Cans

Question One:  The density of gold is $19.32 g/cm3.   What is the weight of a Coke can that is made entirely of gold? 

We know from Coke Can Problem Two that the volume of the material in the Coke Can is 5 cm3

The density of gold is 19.32 g/cm3 so the mass of the gold can is 5.0 x 19.32 or 96.6 grams. 

There is a second way to get this answer.   Observe the ratio of the density of gold to the density of aluminum is (19.32/2.8).   The mass of an aluminum can is 14 grams.  Multiply (19.32/2.8) by 14 to get 96.6.

Question Two:  What is the weight of a solid gold bar shaped like a Coke can?

We know from Coke Can Math Problem 3 that the volume of the entire can is 392.5 cm3.    Multiply by the density of 19.32 g/cm3 to get a mass of 392.5 x 19.32 or 7583.1 grams.

Question Three:  What is the value of the empty gold Coke can and the solid gold Coke can if the price of gold is $1,284 per ounce?

There are 28.35 grams in one ounce.    This means that one gram of gold costs $1,284/28.35 or $45.29.

There are 96.6 grams in an empty gold coke can.   The value of the empty can is 96.6 x 45.29 or $4,375.

There are 7583.1 grams in the solid gold coke can so the value of the coke can is 45.29 x 7583.1 or $343,466.

Summary of Solid Gold Coke Can Transaction

 This seems really high.  Please verify.

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