Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coke Can Problem Two: Thickness of the metal in the can

Coke Can Problem Two:  Thickness of the metal in the can

Question:  Coke cans are made of aluminum.   The density of aluminum is 2.8 g/cm3   How thick is the metal that makes up the Coke can if the empty Coke can weighs 14 grams or half an ounce?

We know that density x volume =mass so mass/density =volume

14 grams =2.8 g/cmx VOLUME

or the 14 grams of aluminum takes a volume of  5.0 cubic centimeters.

14/2.8  = 5.0 cm3

The volume of the aluminum is the surface area x height.

From problem one we know the surface area of the aluminum in the coke can is 306.6 square centimeters.

306.5 cm2 x Height cm = 5 cm3


Height= 5/306.5 = 0.0163 cm.

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